Beginner Ski School
Progressive learning methods

A dedicated learning zone, specially designed terrain features and an active teaching philosophy encourage natural progression and eliminate the intimidating hurdles of skiing and snowboarding

Beginner-friendly equipment

Build confidence on the friendliest and most efficient ski and snowboard equipment with “catch-free” technologies that make it easier to start, stop and turn.

Discover more of the mountain

Our instructors focus on the practical skills of skiing and snowboarding so you can venture beyond the beginner zone, unlock more of the mountain and navigate the chairlifts and trails like a pro.

Learning is never late
Learn on the move

Our active teaching methods keep you engaged from start to finish and are designed to give you the best instruction through hands-on experiences.

Sharpen your skills

With specialty programs geared for advanced and expert skiers and riders, you’ll be coached on high-level tactics that enable you to be a stronger, fluid and more aggressive skier or rider.

Discover secret terrains

Our expert guides and pros will show you some of the most exclusive trails, bowls, chutes and glades, giving you a personalized tour of the mountain’s best-kept secrets.